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Quadracycle | Quadricycle | Four-Wheel Pedal Bikes in Six Colors Colors for Quadracycle Bicycles

Quadracycle 4-wheel pedal bicycleIf you're looking for a well built, high quality 4-wheel pedal bicycle for one person, or 4-wheel pedal bicycle for two people, you've come to the right place, Quadracycle, LLC.  
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We specialize in custom built, 4 wheel 'bikes' called Quadracycles or Quadricycles, available with numerous options. Our 'bikes' are manufactured in the heart of central Illinois Amish country by our skilled Quadracycle craftsmen to meet our stringent quality standards, ensuring your 'bike' performs just as it should. 

Built to withstand the rigors of recreational or rental use, our 4-wheel pedal bicycles for adults are backed by a full workmanship warranty and are made for years and years of worry-free of enjoyment.

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